Działalność wadowickiego Muzeum Miejskiego w czasach pandemii

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Adres redakcji
Wadowickie Centrum Kultury im. Marcina Wadowity
Ul. Teatralna 1
34-100 Wadowice
Osoba do kontaktu
Marcin Witkowski, sekretarz redakcji
Ul. Kościelna 4
34-100 Wadowice
33 873 81 00; 730  725 036

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Joanna Pytlowska-Bajak

Muzeum Miejskie w Wadowicach

Town Museum in Wadowice



Activities of the Town Museum in Wadowice during the pandemic

Despite the difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic, the Town Museum was active in 2020, adapting to the prevailing situation. Thanks to subsidies from external funds, it was possible to implement, among others virtual tour of the core exhibition and the documentary „John Paul II. This is how I see him until today”. Particularly noteworthy is the development of the collection, which is significantly expanding thanks to numerous donors.


197 - 205

Key words:

Town Museum in Wadowice, John Paul II, historical publications, Wadoviana. The historical and cultural Review, exhibitions