Wadowickie Środowisko Artystyczne 2020

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Adres redakcji
Wadowickie Centrum Kultury im. Marcina Wadowity
Ul. Teatralna 1
34-100 Wadowice
Osoba do kontaktu
Marcin Witkowski, sekretarz redakcji
Ul. Kościelna 4
34-100 Wadowice
33 873 81 00; 730  725 036

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Piotr Kowalczyk

Wadowickie Centrum Kultury im. Marcina Wadowity w Wadowicach

Marcin Wadowita Cultural Center in Wadowice

e-mail: pk@wck.wadowice.pl


Wadowice Artistic Environment 2020

All artists, both professionals and amateurs, have the opportunity to exhibit some of their works at a collective exhibition held every five years (since 1995) called „Wadowice Artistic Environment”. In 2020, 48 artists related to the city and the surrounding area took part in this event. The exhibition in the hall of the „Centrum” cinema was prepared by professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, DSc Tomasz Wójcik. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog of the presented works.


206 – 209

Słowa kluczowe:

art, professional and non-professional creators, exhibition, Wadowice area