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Adres redakcji
Wadowickie Centrum Kultury im. Marcina Wadowity
Ul. Teatralna 1
34-100 Wadowice
Osoba do kontaktu
Marcin Witkowski, sekretarz redakcji
Ul. Kościelna 4
34-100 Wadowice
33 873 81 00; 730  725 036

Skarby nie z tej Ziemi – projekt Muzeum Miejskiego

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Karolina Krzeszowska

Joanna Pytlowska-Bajak

Marcin Witkowski

Muzeum Miejskie w Wadowicach


From May 29 to September 26, 2021 at the Town Museum in Wadowice was presented an exhibition of meteorites and tektites „Skarby nie z tej Ziemi”, prepared in cooperation with the Polish Meteorite Society. The exhibition includes over 200 specimens  found on all continents, from the African Sahara to America South to Australia. Three collectors made their collections available: Kazimierz Mazurek, the owner of one of the largest meteorite collections in Poland, Andrzej Kotowiecki and Tomasz Głazaza. The exhibition started a larger project, as part of which lectures, a series of summer workshop meetings and an art competition were organized on the „Cosmic lapbook”.

Key words:

exhibition, lapbook, meteorite, treasures


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