Author Guidelines

„Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review” is a yaerbook wchich is published by the Cultural Center in Wadowice (WCC) since 1998. On its pages, first of all, are published articles on the history of Wadowice and surroundings, from archeology for the contemporary history to social and economic history, biographies of the figures associated with the town and texts documenting current cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, meetings, lectures). Its scientific profile includes areas such as history, history of art, archeology, etnology and cultural studies. The journal offers immediate, free, open and constant access to its content, thus supporting the global exchange of scientific knowledge. Neither do the Publishing House nor the Editorial Office charge any fee for preparing and publishing received texts. In 2013 yearbook has been entered on the list of magazines scoring the Ministery of Science and Higher Education. „Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review” is indexed in the following databases: BazHum, CEJSH (the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities), Pol-index and Index Copernicus Journal Master List.

The yearbook consists of two parts – peer-reviewed dissertations and scientific articles, and the popular science part.

In order to maintain the high scientific level of the journal and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editors specified the following rules of a publication in „Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review”:

  1. Articles should not exceed two publisher’s sheets (80.000 typographic characters with spaces) with footnotes, abstract and keywords in English and bibliography.
  2. English version of abstract (maximum a page of a standard typescript) should contain: the title, short presentation of the article and keyowrds. If the text is published in a foreign language should contain: english and polish version of abstract (the title, short presentation of the article and keyowrds).
  3. Articles should be submitted to the editorial only in electric form (Word format) an e-mail: within the deadline: dissertations and scientific articles – 16 October, popular science articles – 31 October. The decision to accept the article for publication will be known in the second half of November.
  4. Graphics should be provided as separate files TIFF, JPEG, EPS or PDF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  5. The Authors submit for publication only their own original articles that have not been published before in full or in significant parts (Declarationclick here). The Authors guarantee that submitted article has not been submitted for publication in other journal. The editorial expect them to disclose the work or influence of others in the appropriate footnotes (Prevention of ghostwritingclick here).
  6. The Authors submit e-mail adress, scientific affiliation (if he has one) and short curriculum vitae on a separate page which will include: first name, surname, the degree, scientific specialty etc.
  7. All research, overview and monograph studies are reviewed anonymously by two independent reviewers (Peer Review Process – click here).

Detailed Editorial Instructions of the „Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review” (click here)

The editors invite you to cooperate in editing of the yearbook „Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review”   and express in advance the appreciation for keeping the above rules, which should make their work a lot easier.