Peer Review Process

Every article is reviewed by at least two reviewers in the process of double anonymous review (double blind rule), in which both reviewers and authors are anonymous. The reviewers are asked to assess an article based on its originality, significance, technical solidity and lucidity (Review Formclick here)

The authors will receive the review together with a request to follow the reviewers’ recommendations, apply corrections or make suggested edits.

The editorial staff reserve the right to make stylistic correction and edits, also in titles of articles.

The author will receive the text with corrections for approval prior to its submission for print. The editorial staff reserves the right to return non-compliant texts to their authors with a request for making necessary changes and corrections.

In the event of negative review, the author of the article will be informed about it. The author of an article will receive text of a review without reviewer data. If the reviewer thinks that document can be published in the „Wadoviana the historical and cultural Review”, a review should include short but sufficient justification in the remarks of a review that helps author (authors) to understand final decision.